La Valle Group operates in the transportation of passengers and goods with a family experience and a company tradition that derives from over fifty years of activity, represents a qualified reference point in Italy in the system of passenger transport by bus.

The company began working in Ferrara founded in 1989 by Cav. Giuseppe La Valle, who will leave after a few years the management to his daughter Mimma, which will progressively grow in quality gradually in quality of services, number of employees and turnover.

Working in a selective and competitive bus market rental and long-distance lines (historical line Turin - beaches) has developed effective quality services, sustainable and efficient, establishing itself in the field of mobility and coach trips, both in Italy and across Europe.

In the late 90s a strong impetus was given by the acquisition of school transportation services on behalf of municipalities that continues to grow.

In the second part of 2000 years began operating in T.P.L. where in collaboration with territorial public company and other private partners urban services and suburban; La Valle is a founding partner of FE. M. Ferrara, Mobility of which expresses the Presidency, a consortium that operates local public transport in T.P.F. (awarded companies around the area of T.P.L Ferrara).

Despite the economic crisis that for several years the market, the company continued on its path of balanced growth, sustainable and responsible, attentive to the demands of the territory and its stakeholders.

In 2006 he received from the President of the Emilia Romagna Region Land & Water Award; in 2012 the Smart movie Prize of ANAV; in 2013 the Special Recognition to the work and Loyalty to the economic progress of the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara.



The La Valle company is organized according to the modern standards of the enterprise, with qualified staff, strongly oriented to customer satisfaction; clients include local authorities, the most important local companies and national and international tour operators.

In Emilia Romagna is one of the most important passenger transport companies, known nationally, has a turnover of more than EUR 4 million, over 2 million kilometers, more than 90 employees, has about 100 vehicles among passenger cars, vans and buses, many of them newly registered and with ecological engines and modern safety systems.

The business areas cover the chauffeur services nationally and internationally by bus and cars, interregional bus services, urban and provincial, school transport, transport workers, disabled transport, rail and light truck replacement of goods for third parties.

Currently operates mainly in regular passenger transport such as local public transport (Ferrara and Modena areas) and long-distance line (Lombardia and Piemonte), school transport (municipalities of Ferrara, Bologna and Rovigo). In tourism services with modern bus operates according to standards of excellence.

Every year it invests significantly in both acquiring new rolling stock vehicles and taking care of the timely maintenance of human resources through training and upgrading.

With the prestigious Norwegian D.N.V. Det Norske Veritas, since 2000 has certified its quality system ISO 9001 in 2012 by extending the environmental management system ISO 14001 and in 2014 the health and safety system OHSAS 18001.

It licensee by the Province of Ferrara of the brand " Ferrara Land & Water " that is affixed on the livery of their bus traveling in Italy and Europe.

In 2013, is a founding member of the Tourism Promotion Consortium VISIT Ferrara.

Associated and participates in Ferrara and Confindustria, Confartigianato (Rome and Ferrara A.N.A.V. Unindustria).